12 March 2014

Multicolor Textural Finish-Foyer

This is a close up of the final finish.

                       ~beginning with a blank canvas. The white walls serve as a base color.

pictures taken as layers of color are being added for desired effect.

Faux finish process completed.

08 March 2014


LusterStone™ is a decorative architectural trowel-on coating, which produces beautiful natural reflective stone patterns

07 March 2014

Textural Finishes

To add character and an artist flair, this textural finish was added to the backside of an island bar between the kitchen and dining area.

This textural finish is a combination of leaf impressions from leaves found on client's property and raised leaf stencils.

Plaster can be tinted to an array of colors to give colorful and unique textural finishes.

Textural finishes can also be troweled over stone and brick to give the illusion of plaster breaking away from the wall.

Textural finishes can also be used to cover undesirable uneven walls.

Some textural finishes can be subtle and almost have a smooth appearance. Luster stone is one of these products. Though it is a pricier product, it is very durable (enough to hold up in a bath or kitchen) and is a directional paint, meaning that the reflective quality in the paint changes with the direction it is painted and can even have subtle changes in it's appearance because of lighting in a room.

Mural Work at Just Jewelry

These pictures are from my work at Just Jewelry located in Springboro, Oh.
a blank canvas....ready for painting!

Just Jewelry signature logo and tagline...
"Because who you are is more important than what you where!"

Calligraphy for the founders' children's playroom......
"When it hurts to look back and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there."

Top Achiever's Wall for Top Sales Consultant and Top Recruiter

15 March 2011

Jumpstart Java

Jumpstart Java is located in Springboro, Ohio at 10 Parker Drive. They were voted Best Cup of Coffee in the Miami Valley! They offer Italian quality espresso drinks, and fresh baked pastries. And their Chai is fabulous!

The finish on the walls is a textural plaster finish in warm hues of umber, gold, copper, mocha and burnt sienna. The variation of color and reflective quality of the glazing bring a very old world/ Tuscan feel to the cafe.

A close up look at detail, depth and variety in the color palette.

It is amazing how color and texture can bring ambiance to a room!