07 March 2014

Textural Finishes

To add character and an artist flair, this textural finish was added to the backside of an island bar between the kitchen and dining area.

This textural finish is a combination of leaf impressions from leaves found on client's property and raised leaf stencils.

Plaster can be tinted to an array of colors to give colorful and unique textural finishes.

Textural finishes can also be troweled over stone and brick to give the illusion of plaster breaking away from the wall.

Textural finishes can also be used to cover undesirable uneven walls.

Some textural finishes can be subtle and almost have a smooth appearance. Luster stone is one of these products. Though it is a pricier product, it is very durable (enough to hold up in a bath or kitchen) and is a directional paint, meaning that the reflective quality in the paint changes with the direction it is painted and can even have subtle changes in it's appearance because of lighting in a room.


sheebea said...

Love, love, love the top one!

Peter D. said...

Wow!! That is truly amaizing art work!! Very Nice

Peter Gereluk